Safety with Toys

Waffel is committed to providing you with a platform for colourful, fun and safe toys by curating certain products for babies and children on behalf of third-party Suppliers.

For all our products we advise strict parental supervision at all times. All products are marked with an age range and for safety reasons this must be abided by.

Some products stocked by Waffel may contain small parts which may be considered choking hazards for children below 3 years old. We suggest all children over the age of 3 that still have a tendency to put things in their mouth be monitored at guardian’s discretion.

You understand and acknowledge that by purchasing products from Waffel for babies and children, it is the responsibility of the parent/s or legal guardian/s of the child to determine the appropriate and suitable products for their child/children. While Waffel is committed to providing safe toys from safe third party suppliers to the public, it disclaims any and all liability arising from the mishandling of products and wrong usage of the same.

If you have additional concerns or questions, we encourage you to contact our team directly by emailing us at