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Flip Flap Snap: Dinosaurs

Flip Flap Snap: Dinosaurs

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The Good Stuff:

Mix-and-match the pages of this pop-up book to make your own hilarious dinosaur combinations.

What do you get when you mix a T-rex with a triceratops? A Tyrannotops. Flip the mix-and-match flaps to come up with fun combinations that put a new twist on dinos Every spread features lively art, nonfiction rhyming text under die-cut flaps, and hugely satisfying pop-ups that form the dinosaurs' mouths.

With rhyming non-fiction text, fun facts, fantastic pop-ups and stunning artwork from Carmen Saldana these books are sure to raise a few giggles.


The Low Down:

Author: Carmen Saldana

Age range: 2 +

Dimensions (cm): 17.3 x 26.4 x 3.6

Pages: 10

Format: Paperback 

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