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Roly Poly Koala

Roly Poly Koala

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The Good Stuff:

This adorable Koala loves being cuddled, pushed, pulled, or knocked over - always bobbing up for more fun. This roly-poly ball of fun makes a lovely, tinkling bell sound as he rolls around the floor. 

Ideal for babies learning to crawl, Koala’s wobbling action entices little ones to reach out and push.

A perfect Aussie gift for newborns and babies.


The Low Down:

Dimensions - 13cm x 11cm

Suitable ages 3m+

Your purchase helps protect Australian wilderness and wildlife through Tiger Tribes partnership with Australian charity the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. 


 This roly-poly koala is fantastic for your little one's fine motor skills, develops an understanding of cause and effect, and improves hand-eye coordination.


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