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Star Balloon Ball

Star Balloon Ball

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The Good Stuff:

The Starry Night Balloon Ball is a beautiful cover for any balloon. Pure mulberry silk balloon cover makes balloons fun and safe for children.

Hand-sewn and hand-dyed real silk cover that protects the balloon inside, easily transforming any balloon into a beautiful, reusable blue starry night ball that will last through multiple play sessions.

This beautiful hand-sewn blue starry silk balloon cover is made to fit any balloon, Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, the rainbow balloon ball comes packaged in a lightweight silk bag, with clear safety warnings on the hang tag and includes one balloon to get the ball rolling into your rainbow balloon fun. 


The Low Down:

Age range: 3 Years +

Dimensions (cm): 45cm 

Material: 100% pure mulberry silk

Care instructions: Wipe down and clean using a drop of soap and lukewarm water.

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