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Stickums Nee-Doh

Stickums Nee-Doh

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The Good Stuff:

Icky Sticky Fun! Stickums have a sticky outer skin and a cushy air-filled center, perfect for squishing, squeezing, and smushing!

Coming in a compact pack of 12, your sticky-wicky, wally-crawly, glow-in-the-dark globs will cling together, or stick to the windows and walls! 

They're lightweight, and perfect for sticky rolling or squeezing sensory play. If they lose their stick, simply wash them with warm soap and water!

Endless fun to be had with this squishy set. 


The Low Down:

Age range: 3 +

Package size: 4.75″W x 3.25″H

Assortment of 5 different glow-in-the-dark colors

12 Stickums included in each pack

Please note: These squishy fidget globs are suitable for light fidgeting only and may burst during heavy play, or if squeezed too hard. 

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