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The Epic Fail Game

The Epic Fail Game

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The Good Stuff:

A card game for children that celebrates failure through play.

This epic game consists of whimsical activity cards with silly challenges and a mindset theory book designed to change the way the whole family thinks about failing. In a society obsessed with success, we think it's time to celebrate learning through our mistakes.

Epic Fail is a game that celebrates bravery, curiosity, and exploration, a card game that is all about learning through failing in a fun and wacky way. 


The Low Down:

30 Activity cards

1 x Mindset theory book

Age range: 5-12 Years

Product Size: 17.5 x 14 x 3cm

Printed using environmentally friendly inks and papers


 This epic fail game is fantastic for building your child's resilience and is designed to encourage new behaviors and creative expression.


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