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The Magical Unicorn Society: Unicorns, Myths and Monsters

The Magical Unicorn Society: Unicorns, Myths and Monsters

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The Good Stuff:

Straight from the Magical Unicorn Society's Department of Unicorns, Myths, and Monsters comes a lavishly illustrated collection of stories dedicated to the magical creatures - good and bad - that exist alongside unicorns.

Introduced by the department head and intrepid explorer, May Shaw, there are tales of fearsome, fire-breathing dragons, phoenixes rising from the ashes, mysterious Kraken that lurk in the deep, imps, sprites, and werewolves in mythical forests, as well as the eight unicorn families and those who have encountered unicorns throughout history.

Each of the eight stories is accompanied by striking, full-color artwork that shows the powers of the specific mythical creature in more detail, as well as an epic illustration of a key moment from the text. 


The Low Down:

Author: Kristina Kister

Age range: 6 +

Pages: 128

Format: Hardback

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