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The Secret Lives Of Dragons

The Secret Lives Of Dragons

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The Good Stuff:

Discover a whole new world of dragons in this beautifully illustrated book on the scaliest of magical creatures.

Are you wise enough to believe in dragons? Then equip yourself with everything you need to know to understand and even befriend these magical creatures safely in this beautifully illustrated book.

This book contains everything you need to become an expert Drackenosopher just like the esteemed author, Zoya Agnis. Soon you will be able to identify the different dragon families, name the most fearsome dragon slayers, the bravest of Drackenosophy scholars and know everything there is to know about the beautiful dragons that we share our planet with.


The Low Down:

Author: Zoya Agnis

Illustrator: Alexander Utkin

Age range: 5 +

Dimensions (cm): 29.8 x 2 5.2 x 1.27

Pages: 64

Format: Hardback

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